The Sixth Cohesion Forum

September 8, 2014

Hat: The Sixth Cohesion Forum will take place in Brussels on 8-9 September

Funding Scheme: 2014-09-08

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


Investment for lasting growth and jobs: development and good governance in the spotlight at the Sixth Cohesion Forum, Brussels on 8-9 September 2014.


The Sixth Cohesion Forum will take place in Brussels on 8-9 September and analyse the impact of EU Cohesion Policy in promoting growth and job creation in Europe’s regions and cities. With a total budget of around €352 billion for the 2014–2020 financial period, Cohesion Policy will play a vital role in key areas for sustainable, long-term growth such as innovation, support to SMEs, improving people’s qualifications, social inclusion and energy. 

Organised every three years, the Cohesion Forum gathers top policy-makers and political players from the EU Member States to assess the success of Cohesion Policy in delivering on its aims. This year’s theme is “Investment for jobs and growth: promoting development and good governance in EU regions and cities’.The need for good governance – both in terms of more efficient and transparent administrations and of sound macro‑economic policies – is considered as crucial to achieve high level of growth and prosperity. 

Several Key EU, national and regional figures will join the two-day event to discuss and focus on improving the effectiveness of Cohesion Policy and reduce disparities across European regions.

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