Towards a willingness to readjust the European funds policy

October 9, 2020

Hat: Towards a willingness to readjust the European funds policy


Between the lack of sufficiently strict control of the way European funds are spent, as shown by the situation in Bulgaria, and the significant reduction in ESF+ resources called for by the European Council despite the rise in youth unemployment, the European Parliament would like to see a change in the policy on European funds.


Regarding the situation in Bulgaria, MEPs are concerned about the preferential granting of EU funds to pro-government media. MEPs reiterate the need for stricter control over how EU funds are spent and want concerns that taxpayers’ money is being used to enrich those associated with the ruling party to be addressed immediately.
On European social policy, in view of the youth unemployment rate in the EU, which was 17.6% in August 2020, compared to 14.9% before the COVID-19 crisis and is expected to continue to rise significantly, MEPs deplore the fact that in July 2020 the European Council significantly reduced (from 15% to 10%) the resources of the ESF+. In the same vein, the European Parliament also condemns the practice of unpaid traineeships and apprenticeships.

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