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Training on direct EU Grants

Eu funding training: Have your projects financed within the European Union

More than 50 billion euros are distributed by the European Commission each year.

The direct access to the European Commission programmes are granted by the European Commission from Brussels. These EU funding programmes cover the major European issues: education, research, environment, transport, culture .... These grants are available to all public, private or non profit organizations.

There are many "constraints": the European dimension of the project, the number of partners involved ...This funding source requires a precise methodology, due to its apparent complexity. Our workshops offer to the participants very valuable skills, such as how to build and manage a European project and brings to any European organization visibility and additional financial resources.

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Training EU funds 2014 - 2020 from the European Commission: How to apply ?

Become a European Project Practitioner and get successfully trained to the new 2014-2020 EU funding programmes. Build your project in accordance with the European Commission's rules

Years of experience
Welcomeurope acquired 18 years of experience in EU application and European project management

More than 50 trainings per year throughout Europe led by our consultants

Since 2013 Welcomeurope is certified by the Professional office for consultancies qualification OPQCM sectors Finance - Project Management

More than 24.000 practitioners from 80 countries (Europe and worldwide), have deepened their skills through the 15 modules offered

we are referenced on Datadock for an optimised payment request to your OPCA (only available for French organisationsw

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