Tripartite Social Summit: the main European Union orientations

October 15, 2020

Hat: Tripartite Social Summit: the main European Union orientations


The topic of the second Tripartite Social Summit of the year was focused on “Implementing together an inclusive economic and social recovery in Europe”. It was a great exchange opportunity around the topics of economic and social growth, climate, digital transition and the new recovery plan.


Indeed, the discussions were structured around the following questions:
– How can the Resilience and Recovery Facility best support economic growth, job creation and social resilience necessary for a socially fair recovery?
– How can the EU’s recovery funds best contribute to achieving the new EU 2030 climate target?
– How can the recovery accelerate a fair digital transition and foster opportunities for workers and SMEs
– What role for social dialogue in ensuring the success of NextGenerationEU?

With 45 million workers at risk of unemployment, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, in agreement with the other participants pointed out that NextGenerationEU would help member states kick-start their economies, support businesses, especially SMEs, and create jobs all over Europe. Indeed, the Recovery Plan is essentially a transformation plan and workers and companies are at the forefront of this massive transformation. Therefore, boosting investment to create new jobs and supporting viable businesses of all sizes, in particular SMEs, as well as their workers should be at the core of Europe’s crisis response.

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