Which partnership for EuroparlTV?

February 6, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-02-06


The EuroparlTV signed today,its 150th partnership with the Cyprus press agency in Strasbourg.
in order to allow european citizens and international partners to access to the European Parliament’s news.


More partners

Since its launch in 2008, EuroparlTV – Parliament’s web television – has built up a network of national, regional and local media and production companies, associations, universities, think tanks and public authorities, from all 27 EU Member States and from non-EU countries. 

EuroparlTV has seen its direct viewership increase by almost 25% in 2012 (EuroparlTV website) while the number of its partners has doubled.  

Note to editors
EuroparlTV is the official web TV of the European Parliament, offering reliable information on the activities of the House. The service includes news bulletins four days a week, live streaming of parliamentary sessions and committee meetings, debates and educational videos, as well as archived content. All  videos are subtitled in the 22 official languages of the EU, while there is also a dubbed option for the educational package. 

Cyprus News Agency (CNA) is the leading wire service in Cyprus, distributing news in English Greek and Turkish. It covers both national and international events via its network of correspondents in many capitals of the world.

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