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The Life Cycle

In you want to benefit from a European funding it is important to understand the logic of the programme and hence its life cycle. We can define 4 phases: the preparation phase, the programming phase, the implementation phase and finally the re-programming phase. The preparation phase
This is the programme analysis and feasibility step. We also talk of preparatory actions or pilot projects. This step often involves consultation with third parties, NGOs or bodies having the expertise required at the Commission to prepare a good proposal. This therefore defines the programme axes, objectives and future lines of actions. The Commission's proposals are submitted to the Parliament and/or to the Council that shall take the decision about starting the programme and shall therefore publish the decision.

The programming phase
Once the programme is adopted, the legal aspects are defined for one or more years, as well as the multi annual budget. In the case of external aid programmes an additional country strategy paper) and an indicative programme are necessary. Then, a call for proposals can be published to invite candidates to file projects whose objectives and actions correspond to those of the programme.
The implementation phase
Before the 31st March of each year, the European Commission has to publish an annual workprogramme which defines the priorities of the programme and which gives the financial decision for the year. This mainly concerns the seletion and monitoring phase s of funded projects and the launching of all the call for proposals. The division responsible at the Commission thus takes care of checking the project eligibility, organising the selection process, signing agreements with the selected bodies, making payments and overseeing the reporting and supervision.

The re-programming phase
An evaluation is done at the end of the programme to obtain the operational results. It also pertains to analysing the results obtained that shall allow adjusting the programme, modifying it or terminating it. The public consultations and preparatory actions are again published during this phase.



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