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On the New generation of Programmes for education and culture

The overview of funded actions for the next generation of EU grant programmes for the period 2007 - 2013 in education, training, culture, youth, citizenship and MEDIA is now available. All programmes started to publish some calls for proposals for projects and support to European organisations for 2007. To find your way in the new funding schemes, consult the comparative table at the end. Lifelong Learning Programme

The new Life Long Learning Programme supports learning opportunities from childhood to old age in every single life situation. It is the successor to the current Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and eLearning programmes.

Grants will be awarded to projects and activities that foster interchange, promote bilateral and multilateral partnerships, foster trans-national mobility of individuals and promote quality in education and training systems throughout Europe. Another type of support is given to networks and European organisations working in these fields.

The programme is built on four pillars, or sub-programmes:

Comenius for pupils, teachers, schools and related institutions/ organisations (pre-school and school education up to secondary level

Erasmus for students, scholars, professors, universities and related organisations (higher education, including trans-national student placements in enterprise)

Leonardo da Vinci programme for apprentices, workers, employees and related institutions/organisations (vocational education and training).

Grundtvig for adults, teachers and related institutions/organisations active in the field of adult education.

The whole structure is complemented by the new Jean Monnet programme, which supports institutions and activities promoting European integration and 4 transversal activities.


The new Culture programme contains

Support for bodies active at European level in the field of culture and Support for cultural actions.

With a proposed budget of € 408 million, the new Culture Programme is a Community programme established for seven years (2007-2013) that aims to enhance the European cultural area. This will be done by developing cultural cooperation between the creators, cultural players and cultural institutions of the countries taking part in the programme.
The Programme shall be open to the participation of non-audiovisual cultural industries, in particular small cultural enterprises, where such industries are acting in a non-profit-making cultural capacity.


The New programme for youth issues is called Youth in Action

The programme aims to develop among young people a sense of personal responsibility, initiative, concern for others, civic participation and active involvement at local, national and European level. The programme will also help to improve support systems for youth activities. The proposed budget for the 2007 – 2013 period is € 885 million. The Youth in Action programme will give funding support to projects under five headings

Europe For Citizens

This future programme will provide the Union with instruments to promote active European citizenship. It puts citizens in the spotlight and offers them the opportunity to fully assume their responsibility as European citizens. It responds to the need to improve citizens' participation in the construction of Europe, and will encourage cooperation between citizens and their organisations from different countries in order to meet, act together and develop their own ideas in a European environment which goes beyond a national vision, while nonetheless respecting their diversity.

The programme is built on four actions ·

Action I: "Active citizens for Europe” " involves citizens directly, either through activities linked to town-twinning or through other kinds of citizens’ projects. ·

Action II: "Active civil society for Europe” " is targeted to Europe-wide civil society organisations, receiving either structural support on the basis of their work programme or support trans-national projects. ·

Action III: "Together for Europe” " supports high visibility events, studies and information tools, addressing the widest possible audience across frontiers and making Europe more tangible for its citizens. ·

Action IV: “Active European Remembrance” supports the preservation of the main sites and archives associated with the deportations and the commemoration of the victims of Nazism and Stalinism


A new programme to support the European audiovisual sector: MEDIA 2007. The budget will be €755 million over seven years (2007-13).

Like its forerunners, MEDIA 2007 will focus on ” preproduction and post-production” activities (distribution and promotion). However, in contrast to MEDIA II (1996-2000) and MEDIA Plus/MEDIA Training (2001-2006), EU funding will be channeled through a single programme.

The new focus

The consequences of the digital revolution and the enlargement of the EU for the European audiovisual market required a radical rethink of the priorities and structure of the new programme.
Firstly, action under the MEDIA programme had to be adapted to developments in technology and the market, to reflect the consequences of digitisation. MEDIA 2007 also had to address the problems of audiovisual professionals in the new EU countries, and include innovative, targeted action in the field of digitisation and measures to facilitate access to credit for small and medium-sized businesses.



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