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Operating Grants

Many European funding programmes provide the possibility to support the activities of NGOs or other not for profit organisations, working on a European objective or having a European dimension. Who is concerned?

Grants awarded under such calls are not intended to co-finance the implementation of a specificproject but to support the activities included in the 2008 annual activity programme of eligible organisations.

To be eligible, proposals must clearly state the expected results of the activities of the organisation making the proposal. The work programmes that are selected must enable progress to be made towards the general and specific objectives of the programme, mentioned in the call text.

Operating grants are intended to organisations meeting the following criteria:
• they must be non-profit organisations,
• they must be constituted in accordance with the law of one of the E.U. Member States,
• they must pursue activities with a European dimension involving at least 5 Member States (in some cases more States may be required)
• the aims of their activities must include one or more of the objectives of the thematic Programme

For which amount?
The maximum rate of co-financing by the Commission is 80% of the total eligible costs the applicant expects to incur in carrying out its activities during 2008. The remaining funding of the organisation's budget must come from other sources.
Be aware about the timeschedule of the request! Eligible expenditure must be incurred in the applicant's financial year beginning in 2008.



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