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Sectors: Citizenship, Justice - Security

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Civil Society Organisations, International Organisation, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

European Union: call for porposals for the Member States of the European Union with the exception of Denmark (“Member States participating in the ISF Police instrument”)



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Responsible: European Commission


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ISF Police – Operational cooperation in the fight against environmental crime – 2020
Funds for: strengthening the fight against organised crime, in particular environmental crime, with the aim to gather intelligence and develop a better understanding of recent trends and flows of environmental crimes

Priorities and funded actions:


* To improve data and develop the existing exchanges of information between existing EU and international bodies involved in the fight against environmental crime;
* To support law enforcement operational activities in the fight against wildlife trafficking, trafficking in illicit waste, and/or any other types of environmental crimes

* Priority 1: Fight against wildlife trafficking, forest crime and other forms of wildlife crime;
* Priority 2: Fight against trafficking in illicit waste;
* Priority 3: Fight any other type of environmental crime

Among financed actions
– Promoting networking, public-private partnerships, training and exchange programmes aBe a organisation of seminars and workshops;
– Analytical, monitoring and evaluation activities;
– Development and the dissemination of new methods and/or deploying new technologies;
– The development and/or the implementation of tools/toolkits such as (e-)learning materials;
– The acquisition, maintenance and/or further upgrading of technical equipment;
– Studies;
– Management of the project and evaluation of activities

Complementary information
* This call of proposals is an open call for poposals 
* Initial duration of the action: 24 months

– Be a public body
– Be a non-profit-making private entity
– The following entities are only eligible as co-applicants: international organisations
– Be transnational, i.e. involve at least two eligible entities established in two different Member States participating in the ISF Police instrument