Notre Dame Cathedral: INCEPTION to help rebuild

June 14, 2019

Hat: Notre Dame Cathedral: INCEPTION to help rebuild

Funding Scheme: 2019-06-12

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


Two months after the fire that devastated Notre-Dame Cathedral, the challenge of faithfully recreating certain parts damaged by the flames could be greatly facilitated by a Horizon 2020 project. Which one?INCEPTION.


Since its launching in 2015, INCEPTION realises innovation in 3D modeling of cultural heritage through an inclusive approach for 3D reconstruction of artefacts, built and social environments. INCEPTION’s Inclusive approach comprises: time dynamics of 3D reconstruction; addresses scientists, engineers, authorities and citizens; and provides methods and tools applicable across Europe. 

With a funding of €3.99 million under Horizon 2020, and spanning four years, INCEPTION has sought to create the toolkit necessary to record priceless European cultural heritage, and document how it is evolving over time.

Just one week before the tragic blaze, EU Ministers of Culture signed a special declaration of cooperation on advancing the digitisation of Cultural Heritage.

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