The referent on European funds for 20 years

About us

In more than 20 years of existence, Welcomeurope has :

  • Supported the creation of more than 400 European groups
  • Guided the engineering of 1,500 projects and applications for public funds
  • Obtained over €400 million in subsidies for its clients

Known and recognized by institutions for the quality of its services, its rigor and its ethics, the firm has remained faithful to its founding principles.

Welcomeurope was among the first firms to develop expertise in European public funds, a skill that is now recognized and taught in university masters programs.

Since its creation, more than 300 consultants have collaborated within Welcomeurope, creating a community of practice throughout Europe.

We carry out our missions all over Europe and even beyond, in the Maghreb, Africa and Asia, being mainly based in France, Belgium and Hungary.

Our fundamentals
Customers Satisfaction and Trust
Performance Technical Excellence and Success
Motivation European DNA
Innovation Intelligence collective
Solutions Optimization and Security
Driving Integrity and accountability

Our team

The team is composed of European practioners as well as a partners’ network we mobilize on an ad hoc basis.
Welcomeurope team is multicultural and brings together 5 nationalities. The directors benefit from more than 20 years of experience in European public affairs. Currently, the average age is 35.


Education: Master 2 or Doctorate in Political Science-European Affairs

Prior experience before joining us: Management or instruction of European public funds in public organizations, Managing Authorities, Administration or Research Center.

Langages: English, French, Italian, German, Hungarian.

What our team thinks about Welcomeurope?
Client relationship – Great passion – United team – Stimulation – Involvement

– A passionate team of consultants ready to share knowledge, experience, and know-how to best support our clients.

– Working at Welcomeurope means learning and developing your skills daily within a motivated and committed team and a stimulating environment.

– Welcomeurope is a great place to work but above all to grow as a professional, amongst a close team of experts.

– A team of passionate experts who rely on a solid and loyal network.

– A strong, united team, always listening to customers and constantly looking for solutions.

– A dynamic, multicultural team that is close to its clients, made up of professionals who are experts in all the logics of European and national public financing.

– A team a team 100% committed to success of its clients’ projects, at every stage: from project definition to final granting.

Lorraine de Bouchony CEO
Valérie Buisine Associate Director
Sandra Ungemach-Benedite Head of Innovation
Emna Abdeljaouad Administrative Manager
Bianca Dibari, PhD RDI Senior Consultant.
Hélène de Rengervé External Cooperation Funds Expert
Jérôme Dumont-Schröder Direct EU Funds Expert
Vanessa Géhin Regional Funds Expert
Aïcha Kassé Lawson Digital Marketing Manager
Anne-Sophie Flipo Consultant, Business Developer
Fanny Robert Consultant junior
Naphtali Fernando Assistante Marketing
Livie-Anne Armede EU monitoring
Sarah Clugnac EU monitoring
Manon Leloir EU monitoring

20 years of renewed trust with our customers

Welcomeurope assists all organizations to accelerate their development and their innovations through a method of European project engineering and raising public funds.

Research organizations, NGOs, large groups, SMEs, start-ups, universities, local authorities, networks, federations, etc., we quickly adapt to your environment and always offer personalized support.

Since our creation in 2000, we have :

raised more than 350 million euros for investment, R&D, innovation, solidarity, training, environment, energy, health, etc. projects in over 30 European countries trained 50,000 professionals informed more than 35,000 organizations about European initiatives and funds

Our clients

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University of Lille

Our partners

We build long-term partnerships with organizations that share our values. Thus, we carry out joint initiatives with   

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