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Reporting and supporting project implementation

Some grant beneficiaries may be disappointed when they receive the final instalment (balance of the grant). This is because the final payment is calculated on the basis of the actual expenditure incurred and not on the estimated amount of the project.

Thus, in order to transform these “pledges” into actual payments, we help the project & financial teams to set up the right management tools from the start of the project.

We support your implementation with ongoing evaluations of the expenses, proposals of corrective measures within the given timeframe, realization of intermediate and final assessments. We closely accompany our clients during audits also.

1. Building the right management tools upstream

Together with the project teams, we build the right tools to enable the traceability of expenses and their proper use to facilitate the expected reporting.

Each fund operates according to different rules and calendars, to which are added the institution practices. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to guide the teams and transfer our know-how to enable them to quickly become autonomous in the function.

2. Supporting the preparation of interim reports

We support the project managers in charge of reporting in the verification of expenditure and the required justifications, in the analysis of risks (contracting, dates of expenditure, etc.) so that the expected amount is ultimately the amount paid.

It is strongly recommended not to mobilise us at the last moment so that the corrective measures we propose can be implemented within the eligibility period of the expenditure. Otherwise, you will suffer a reduction in the grant.

3. Closing the project and assisting the team during audits

We co-produce the final reporting with the project leaders and can intervene with a blank audit before the reports are submitted.

We check your records so that potential future audits are facilitated and all calculation methods and accounting documents can be justified.

In the event of an in-depth audit, we will be at your side in the dialogue with the authority and will formulate the answers with you.