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Fundraising strategy and mapping of grants to create the conditions for success

Each project has its own financing tool. This is the logic behind our work, which is based above all on a deep analysis of your projects, your uses and your strategy.

Our monitoring tool Eurofunding allows us to efficiently research EU funding schemes. We extend the search to local, regional and national funds to ensure the identification of the most relevant grants for your projects.

As in this area of strategic information, the informal is as good as the formal and sometimes even better (!), we interact with the managing authorities to collect all high value-added information

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1. Identifying the best funds through a sound understanding of your context and projects

We analyse your organisation and your projects, identify your strengths and constraints to frame the scope of our research.

We then have all the elements to carry out a good mapping of subsidies.

2. Building the right approach, operational and personalized

On the basis of the funds identified, we give priority to those that best suit your needs (projects, schedules, amounts, etc.).

We summarize the information formatted to be shared within your team. 

We develop a very operational strategic proposal to make your fundraising a success. We always keep an eye on your return on investment.

3. Sharing the results with you and helping you make decisions

We present the results and recommendations in a meeting. This is an opportunity to reflect as a team on the actions to be launched in the short and medium terms and to exchange with us to ensure a perfect understanding of the advantages and constraints of each approach.

Our method

Launch of the mission / Kick-off

We quickly get to grips with your context and ask you about your objectives and perspectives in the context of an in-depth discussion. We can then effectively define the scope of our research.

Mapping of grants

For each project identified, we map out all the subsidy schemes available at European, national, regional and local levels. We summarise them in an easy-to-use format and present all the criteria for each fund, including its advantages and constraints.

Analysis of your eligibility / criteria

We study all criteria applying to your organisation and your projects, such as aid funding ceilings, possible cumulations, etc.

Results meeting / Decision support

We present the results in a meeting. We make operational recommendations on the priority funds to be mobilised and propose a roadmap. The discussions at this meeting help you to make decisions.