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ERASMUS PLUS – Key Action 1: Mobility for pupils and staff in school education – 2021

Funds for:  Providing learning opportunities to individuals and to support internationalisation and institutional development of schools and other organisations in school education. 

Priorities and funded actions:


  • Promoting values of inclusion and diversity, tolerance, and democratic participation;
  • Promoting knowledge about shared European heritage and diversity;
  • Supporting development of professional networks across Europe;
  • Supporting professional development of teachers, school leaders and other school staff;
  • Promoting the use of new technologies and innovative teaching methods;
  • Improving language learning and language diversity in schools;
  • Supporting the sharing and transfer of best practices in teaching and school development;
  • Building capacity of schools to engage in cross-border exchanges and cooperation, and carry out high quality mobility projects;
  • Making learning mobility a realistic possibility for any pupil in school education;
  • Fostering recognition of learning outcomes of pupils and staff in mobility periods abroad

Among financed actions  

  • Job shadowing (2 to 60 days);
  • Teaching or training assignments (2 to 365 days);
  • Courses and training (2 to 30 days);
  • Group mobility of school pupils (2 to 30 days, at least two pupils per group);
  • Short-term learning mobility of pupils (10 to 29 days);
  • Long-term learning mobility of pupils (30 to 365 days);
  • Invited experts (2 to 60 days);
  • Hosting teachers and educators in training (10 to 365 days);
  • Preparatory visits

 Additional information:

  • Initial duration of the action:

Lot 1: Between 6 and 18 months

Lot 2: 15 months

Eligibility :

  • Lot 1:  

– Project must be established in an Erasmus+ Program country; 

– Schools providing general education at pre-primary, primary or secondary level; 

– Local and regional public authorities, coordination bodies and other organisations with a role in the field of school education; 

– Individual organisation (consortium not allowed);

Organisations that receive a grant for a short-term project under the first round of applications may not apply for the second round of the same call for proposals 

  • Lot 2:  

– Project must be established in an Erasmus+ Program country; 

– Organisations holding a valid Erasmus accreditation in vocational education and training are eligible to apply; 

– Consortia;  

– The number of applicants is not limited 


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Sectors: Education - Training, Youth

Beneficiaries: Local and Regional authorities, Schools, Training centres

Regions: Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Call for proposals

Responsible: Erasmus Plus National Agency

Thematic: Education, youth, sport


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