EU funding for increasing the knowledge of the European Union law by legal practitioners

January 5, 2017

Hat: The Commission supports training on European law or on the law of another Member State

Funding Scheme: 2017-01-05

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


European judicial training policy is a continuous priority of the Commission and will continue to be supported by EU funds for high quality cross border training projects in 2017. The Commission will also support the training for prison and probation staff on matters of EU relevance.


The European Judicial Training Report of 2016 reveals that training for 25 000 participants was funded by the EU in 2015. This is a slight increase over previous years. This is manly due to significantly more participants in training activities funded by the Justice programme and by the Jean Monnet grant to the Academy of European Law, even if the number of legal practitioners profiting from training funded by the European Social Funds (25% of all funded participants in 2014) has halfed. 

In 2017, the training will continue and the Commission will particularly focus its funding on the structure of European judicial training to develop a more systematic approach to cross border cooperation and provision. 

Legal practitioners interested in EU law training can find information and guidance on the EU’s e-Justice Portal.

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