Not more EU funding allocated to migration crisis

May 3, 2016

Hat: MEPs refused to allocate more money from the European Development Fund to migration crisis.

Funding Scheme: 2016-05-03

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The European Development Fund provides grants for development actions in the framework of Cotonou agreement between the ACP countries and the EU member States.


Because of the migration crisis, the European Union and the member states had to rethink their international aid contributions. Recently the trend was to use EU funds to tackle the migration crisis, strenghten border controls and fight terrorism. But on the 28th April, MEPs blocked a motion to increase the amount from the EU’s main development aid tool, the European Development Fund (EDF), to migration crisis. They criticised the fact that EU funds is used more and more to tackle the migration crisis to the detriment of others sectors like health, education and food security in developing countries.
As a reminder, the budget of the European Development Fund is around €30.5 billion for the period 2014-2020 and represents around 30% of the EU’s total external aid budget.

Url description: EurActiv