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Croatia : new beneficiary of the funding programmes

While the budget is being harshly negotiated by the European Parliament, the new Member State should, from 2014 benefit from the European development programmes.

As the official 28th Member of the European Union, Croatia go in with an almost perfect timing: along with the new budget and the new funding programmes !

Already using the external co-operation programmes financed by the EU, especially tough titles I to V of the Instrument for Pre-accession which represented in 2013 nearly €93.5 million Euros, the country is also an active member of the European strategy in the area of the Danube and a strong partner to its European neighbors.

Since Croatia is now an official Member of the EU, the country will benefit from both the intra-community programmes and the structural funds. A budget of 450 million Euros is already set for the first 6 months of its adhesion.

Concerning 2014-2020, the currently under discussion budget proposal plans on providing Croatia with 8 billion Euros.

Likewise the other European territories, funds will have to be devote to targeted sectors, as

  • the reinforcement of the country’s competitiveness
  • the increase of its participation in the labor market
  • a better adaptation of education and vocational training 
  • the promotion and protection of the country’s natural resources

As for the Euro, Croatia will adopt the European currency as soon as it fulfills the requirements concerning price, public finance and exchange rate stability.


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