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Digital Europe – Secretariat for the Alliance on industrial data, cloud and edge – 2021

The Digital Europe 2021-2027 programme aims to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy, industry and society, to bring its benefits to citizens, public administrations and businesses across the Union, and to improve the competitiveness of Europe in the global digital economy while contributing to bridging the digital divide across the Union and reinforcing the Union’s strategic autonomy, through holistic, cross-sectoral and cross-border support and a stronger Union contribution.

1 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Beneficiaries All beneficiaries
Regions Balkans, Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Eligible countries:

  • Countries associated to the Digital Europe Programme;
  • Countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature.

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To support the work of the members of the Aliance carrying out the main tass of the Alliance;
  • To leverage investmnet synergies across EU and Member States for joint development and deployment of the next generation of European cloud and edge technologies;
  • To create synergies with the deployment of common European data spaces, in close cooperation with the future Data Spaces Support Center;
  • To provide expertise on common standards and requirements in the context of the preparation of the EU Rulebook.


  • Priority 1: Assist, advise and help coordinate the work ;
  • Priority 2: Support the day to day stakeholder-led operational work of the Alliance;
  • Priority 3: Edit the processing, approval and publication of the documents agreed by the alliance;
  • Priority 4: Provide a digital collaborative working space, and administrative support for the organisation and the follow-up of relevant thematic working groups, in close cooperation with the Chair/Vice-Chairs, in view of delivering on the Alliance’s milestones;
  • Priority 5: Set up and maintain a dedicated service with practical aids for the decision procedures of the Alliance;
  • Priority 6: Provide logistical support and handle the practical organisation of meetings, workshops and events agreed by the Alliance. This includes announcements, registration facilities, draft agendas, reports, notes, minutes, physical orvirtual hosting, meeting rooms, translation, report taking and communications;
  • Priority 7: Preparation and organisation of the annual General Assembly with all members of the Alliance, in close coordination with the European Commission and the Steering committee of the Alliance;
  • Priority 8: Preparation and organisation of the annual Alliance Forum with all members of the Alliance and interested stakeholders, in close coordination with the European Commission;
  • Priority 9: Disseminate the Alliance’s work;
  • Priority 10: Provide communication services to ensure the work of the Alliance is available and known;
  • Priority 11: Create and maintain an Alliance’s website and ensuring day-to-day content creation to inform the broader audience about the Alliance’s activities;
  • Priority 12: Expand and ensure a representative Alliance community by promoting the Alliance towards relevant stakeholders that meet the eligibility criteria;
  • Priority 13: Provide support and assistance to individual members on the procedures of the Alliance;
  • Priority 14: Support the on-boarding new members in the Alliance’s work;
  • Priority 15: Shape the work of the Alliance for building and maintaining a strategic industrial vision on investment technology priorities in cloud and edge technologies;
  • Priority 16: Coordinate communications with the European Commission and any other external organization including the Common European Data Spaces on behalf of the Alliance;
  • Priority 17: Manage financial aspects, the IT services, legal services and the human resources.

Among financed actions

  • Annual Report on the work of the secretariat;
  • Editorial support;
  • Meetings;
  • Workshops.

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals.
  • Initial duration of the action: between 12 and 24 months.


  • Be legal entities (public or private bodies);
  • Be established in one of the eligible countries;
  • A consortium composed of at least 3 independant entities, established in at least 3 different eligible countries must be constituted.
  • Total budget of the call: 140 million euro
  • Total budget of the topic “Secretariat for the Alliance on industrial data, cloud and edge”: 1 million euro
  • Amount of the grant: up to 1 million euro
  • Co-financing rate: up to 100% of the total eligible costs

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