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The revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive

publié le 17 February 2022

On Tuesday, February 15, lawmaker Markus Pieper, responsible for drafting the European Parliament’s position on the EU Renewable Energy Directive, has presented its proposed amendments.

M. Pieper, in charge of presenting its proposed amendments on the Renewable Energy Directive wants each Member State to give priority to at least two cross-border energy projects related to the supply or transmission of clean energy. It also wants to simplify the authorisation processes for wind farms or the expansion of electricity distribution networks. Its third priority is to boost hydrogen and electricity imports. He also wants to abandon the European Commission’s plans to enshrine the “cascade principle” for biomass in law. Finally, he calls for a reduction in the administrative burden imposed on European companies.

Key lawmaker tables radical overhaul of EU’s renewable energy directive

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