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CEF 2 Digital – Integration of 5G with edge computing and federated cloud facilities – 2021

The 2nd generation of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF-2 programme) “Digital” strand (2021-2027) aims to support and catalyse investments in digital connectivity infrastructures of common interest.
2 million euro

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Priorities and funded actions



Priority 1 – Gather and consolidate information on the various planned actions under European and national programmes as well as the main private sector initiatives in the field and raise awareness to the stakeholders involved in the various relevant ongoing or future projects.

Priority 2 – Deliver principles and network architecture concepts for connecting 5G infrastructures along transport corridors and 5G local communities to the edge node and federated cloud infrastructure with the aims:

Priority 3 – Accompany the ongoing CEF-funded 5G Corridor and Community projects to deploy and integrate the solutions in the later phase of these deployment projects.

Priority 4 – Monitor and report on the planned, ongoing and completed deployment of edge nodes with these projects and facilitate reporting in the European 5G Observatory.

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