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Digital Europe – Governance of the Living-in.eu community – 2021

The Digital Europe 2021-2027 programme aims to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy, industry and society, to bring its benefits to citizens, public administrations and businesses across the Union, and to improve the competitiveness of Europe in the global digital economy while contributing to bridging the digital divide across the Union and reinforcing the Union’s strategic autonomy, through holistic, cross-sectoral and cross-border support and a stronger Union contribution.

2 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Beneficiaries All beneficiaries
Regions Balkans, Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Countries associated to the Digital Europe Programme or countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature are eligible for the grant are equally eligible for the grant.

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To support the governance of the Living-in.eu movement that seeks to scale up the digital transformation of cities and communities the “European way, in co-creation with citizens, respecting European value and diversity, individuals’ digital rights and ensuring technological leadership in the EU”;
  • To ensure the growing of the membership of the movement so that all Member States are represented at national, regional and local levels;
  • To ensure the growing number of technology companies as supporters active in the supplying of local digital twins;
  • To support the co-creation work of the movement and to manage its sub-groups;
  • To bring consortium members’ expertise to all su-group and iconic project domains to further develop the Livin-in.eu specifications and assets;
  • To support the engagement of cities and communities with other relevant DEP actions for smart cities and communities;
  • To facilitate the dialogue with the various smart cities and communities actors to nourish conversations about the transformation of our place and lifestyles.


  • Priority 1: Engage and coordinate signatories and supporters in the delivery of the commitments of the Joint Boost Sustain declaration;
  • Priority 2: Host, improve and maintain the Living-in.eu website, animate and moderate community discussions, ensure engaging content is regularly provided and kept up to date;
  • Priority 3: Organise communication and marketing campaigns and events to raise awareness of the movement and attract new members;
  • Priority 4: Coordinate and bring expertise to bear on the work of the sub-groups and the plenary meetings;
  • Priority 5: Produce enhanced versions of existing specifications and assets created by the living-in.eu community;
  • Priority 6: Organise the supply side around a joint vision compatible with the Living-in.EU principles for the provision of Local Digital Twins solutions in Europe;
  • Priority 7: Follow, with the help of the supporters, the development of the most relevant standards in particular for Local Digital Twins and engage supporters to further promote the use of the MIMsPlus;
  • Priority 8: Promote the uptake by signatory cities and communities of assets developed by the Living-in.eu movement;
  • Priority 9: Support engagement of the Living-in.eu community in the delivery of DIGITAL Programme actions in the area of smart cities and communities and related initiatives;
  • Priority 10: Help supporting discussion between cities and communities actors and the Commission around the New European Bauhaus initiative underlying values.

Among financed actions

  • Creation of a Community Management Toolkit that enables the management and fosters the growth of the community in a sustainable manner;
  • Increased uptake of cross-domain interoperable digital solutions, including local data platforms and AI-powered local digital twins across EU cities and communities;
  • Close collaboration with EU initiatives such as the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals.
  • Initial duration of the action: 48 months.


  • Be a legal entity;
  • Be established in one of the eligible countries;
  • Be a consortium of at least three applicants.
  • Total amount of the call: 9 million euro
  • Total amount for this topic: 2 million euro
  • Indicative budget per project: up to 2 million euro
  • Co-financing rate: up to 100% of total eligible costs

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