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EIT – KIC Urban Mobility – Crisis Funding Instrument – 2020

Grants for projects which aim to develop smart, green and integrated urban transport in order to improve the quality of life of European citizens living large urban conglomerations


Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Transport
Regions European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Balkans

EU Member States
Horizon 2020 associated countries: https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/data/ref/h2020/grants_manual/hi/3cpart/h2020-hi-list-ac_en.pdf

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Priorities and funded actions

* Continue R&D and product development activities critical to the success of the solution of the venture, e.g. by organizing facilities, hiring key R&D personnel, purchasing equipment;
* Continue commercialization activities critical to the success of the venture’s solution in the market, by executing pilot projects, performing market research, engaging with potential customer – as long as the commercialization activities are directly linked to the innovation activities regarding new technologies, products or services;
* Continue fundraising activities critical to the success of long-term value creation by the venture, e.g. by further developing business plan material, involving specific consultancy expertise

Amongst financed actions
* Innovation activities;
* R&D development;
* Management of changing cost base;
* Management of supply chain costs;
* Manufacturing hurdles;
* Project-related costs according Project Plan

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the action: until the 31st December 2020

* Eligibility:
– The funding is open to all European urban mobility start-ups and scale-ups based in a Member State of the EU or Horizon2020- associated country;
– Only start-ups that comply with the following criteria can apply to the Crisis Funding Call:
> The extent to which the funding is able to help the venture adapt to the situation caused by COVID- 19;
> Investment rounds affected by the COVID-19 crisis;
> Seeking Seed financing round or was in promising preparation of a bridge financing round ≥ €500 000 before COVID-19 crisis;
> Post-money valuation (of previous round) ≥€1M for grant of €50 000 (“Start-ups”) and ≥ €2M for grant of €100 000 (“Scale-ups”) (determined in a round after 1 January 2019). (See Section 7.1);
> Have- or be developing a unique technology, product or service with a clear demonstrable competitive advantage and strong intellectual property position or strategy on any technology;
> Related product with TRL ≥ 4 for grant of €50 000; TRL ≥ 6 for grant of €100 000;
> Have high growth- and high societal and economic impact potential related to the City Challenges of EIT Urban Mobility;
> Be an SME as defined under the EU recommendation 2003/361;
> Be registered in one of the EU Member States or countries associated to Horizon 2020;
> Be incorporated on or later than January 1, 2013.;
> Founders own a majority stake in the company, preferably >75%;
> None of the shareholdings are outside EU or countries associated to Horizon 2020;
> Have commercial validation or early traction with (potential) customers and proof points on the value proposition and business model;
> For grant of €100 000 startups should have demonstrated revenue generated from customers, preferably >€100 000 last fiscal year;
> Have a multi-year roadmap that includes milestones on technology/product development, commercial development, organizational development and fundraising;
> Strong prospects of raising follow-on funding and proof points of interest from potential financers;
> Have a strong team in place that is able to execute on the key activities within the roadmap and/or a plan to attract key personnel to the venture




* Grant amount:
– For start-ups: up to 50,000 euros
– For scale-ups: up to 100,000 euros

* A grant corresponding to an investment giving at least a 5% equity share in the startup post-money

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