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H2020 – JTI Clean Sky 2 – 2020

Clean Sky is a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) aiming at encouraging private investments in aeronautics research in general, and in clean Air Transport technologies in particular.

34.8 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Transport Health
Regions European Union

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Priorities and funded actions



– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-AIR-01-46: Evaluation of NDT Techniques for Assessment of Critical Process and Manufacturing Related Flaws and Defects for a Ti-alloy
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-AIR-01-47: Additive Manufacturing demonstration on test article for a trailing edge application with a sliding pad concept
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-AIR-03-10: Innovative light metallic and thermoplastic airframe section full scale testing
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-AIR-03-11: Development and execution of new test methods for thermoset panel manufactured in an automated tape layup of dry unidirectional fibres (UD) or non-crimped fabrics (NCF) and subsequent infusion
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-LPA-03-19: Concept for Pilot State Monitoring system operation in commercial aviation
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-REG-01-20: Aerodynamics experimental characterization and new experimental testing methodologies for distributed electrical propulsion
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-SYS-02-62: Thermoplastic wheel for electrical Environmental Control System
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-SYS-02-63: Decentralised HVDC power conversion module for innovative optimised aircraft electrical network distribution
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-SYS-02-64: Human Safe HVDC Interconnection components
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-SYS-03-25: Investigation and modelling of hydrogen effusion in electrochemically plated ultra-high-strength-steels used for landing gear structures
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-SYS-03-26: Replacement of cobalt in Environmental Control System bleed valves
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-THT-11: High power density / multifunctional electrical energy storage solutions for aeronautic applications
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-THT-12: Advanced High Power Electrical Systems for High Altitude Operation
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-THT-13: Sustainability of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft System Architectures
– JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-THT-14: Scalability and limitations of Hybrid Electric concepts up to large commercial aircraft
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-88: Development of New digital Microphone-MEMS-Sensors for wind tunnels with open/closed test sections and flight tests
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-89: Advanced characterization of friction and surface damage for gears running in loss of lubrication conditions
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-90: Automated thermography for inspection of welded safety critical engine components
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-91: Development and validation of a method to predict non-linear aerodynamic characteristics of lifting surfaces with controls
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-92: Optimization of APU Exhaust Muffler Thermal Barrier and Air Intakes construction Technologies
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-93: Engine bleed jet pumps continuous behaviour modelization
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-94: Installed UHBR Nacelle Off-Design Performance Characteristics
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-95: Passive Actuated Inlet for UHBR engine ventilation
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-96: Analytical and experimental characterization of aerodynamic and aeroacoustic effects of closely operating propellers for distributed propulsion wing solutions
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-01-97: Insulation Monitoring for IT Grounded (Isolation Terra) Aerospace Electrical Systems
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-02-33: Tooling, Equipment and Auxiliaries for the closure of a longitudinal Barrel Joint: Butt strap integration and Lightning Strike Protection continuity
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-02-34: Tooling, Equipment and Auxiliaries for the closure of a longitudinal Barrel Joint: Overlap joint and Frame Coupling integration
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-02-35: Innovative disbond arrest features for long thermoplastic welded joints
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-02-36: Large scale aircraft composite structures recycling [ECO]
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-LPA-02-37: Thermoplastic fuselage repair process integrated on manufacturing line
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-SYS-01-22: Oxygen Absorbing Metal-Air-Batteries for Long Term Cargo Compartment Inertisation
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-SYS-01-23: Development of a multi-position valve with associated actuator for cargo fire protection
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-TE2-01-12: Airport level assessments for fixed wing aircraft
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-TE2-01-13: Airport and ATS Level Assessment for Rotorcraft
– JTI-CS2-2020-CfP11-TE2-01-14: Reduction of the environmental impact of aviation via optimisation of aircraft size/range and flight network


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