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ISFP – Call for proposals on actions against trafficking in human beings – 2020

The Internal Security Fund aims to support the implementation of the Internal Security Strategy and a coherent and comprehensive approach to law enforcement cooperation, including the management of the EU's external borders.

4.5 million euros

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Union

Eligible countries: The Member States of the European Union with the exception of Denmark

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Priorities and funded actions

* crime prevention, combating cross-border, serious and organised crime including terrorism, and reinforcing coordination and cooperation between law enforcement authorities and other national authorities of Member States, including with Europol or other relevant Union bodies, and with relevant third countries and international organisations
* enhancing the capacity of Member States and the Union for managing effectively security-related risks and crises, and preparing for and protecting people and critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks and other security-related incidents.

* Priority 1: Disrupt the financial business model of criminals;
* Priority 2: Intensify investigations, including intelligence-lead investigations, and prosecutions in the area of trafficking in human beings to dismantle the trafficking chain;
* Priority 3: Prevention initiatives, including reducing the demand for trafficking, including by criminalising the use of services exacted from victims of trafficking in human beings.

Among financed actions
* Developing measures, tools and methodologies aimed at intensifying investigations, including financial and intelligence-lead investigations, and prosecutions in the area of trafficking in human beings and in criminalising the use of services exacted from victims of trafficking.
* Enhancing evidence-gathering to support prosecution and convictions while reducing reliance on victim’s testimony
* Reducing cyber-enabled trafficking in human beings and better use of technology to prevent and combat trafficking
* Improved detection of cyber-enabled trafficking in human beings and its victims.

Additional information

* This call is an open call for proposals
* Inital duration of the action: 24 months

* Public bodies;
* Non-profit-making private entities;
* Must be transnational, i.e. involve at least two eligible entities established in two different Member States participating in the ISF Police instrument


* Amount of the grant: between 250,000 and 500,000 euro
* Co-financing rate: up to 90% of the total eligible costs

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