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Justice programme – Supporting transnational projects on training of justice professionals covering civil law, criminal law or fundamental rights – 2020

Grants for projects aiming to continue the development of a European area of justice in particular by promoting judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters

5.35 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Union, Candidate countries

* European Union (including overseas departments), except for Denmark and the United Kingdom;

* Albania and Montenegro

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Priorities and funded actions

* To address the training needs of justice professionals in the fields of civil law, criminal law and fundamental rights, judicial ethics and the rule of law related issues;
* To increase knowledge of EU civil, criminal and fundamental rights instruments among legal practitioners;
* To improve mutual trust between legal practitioners in cross-border judicial cooperation;
* To improve cooperation of training providers of the different legal professions;
* To increase awareness among justice professionals on the scope of application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and on existing remedies and redress

* To tackle training needs and improve cross-border cooperation of training providers for prison and probation staff, for example through cross-border training activities or exchanges of good training practices on EU law and fundamental rights;
* To support cross-border training activities:
– For justice professionals
– And/or for multipliers, such as judicial trainers or EU law court coordinators
– For cross-professional training, in order to stimulate discussions across judicial professions about the application of EU law and contribute to a European legal culture across professional boundaries

Among financed actions
* Training activities :
– Interactive, practice-oriented seminars;
– Multilateral exchanges between legal practitioners;
– Cross-border initial training activities (face-to-face activities or exchanges);
– Joint study visits to EU courts by legal practitioners from as many different Member States as possible;
– Creation of training material, whether for presential learning, blended learning or e-learning;
– Tools for training providers (for example: train-the-trainers events, tools to support the organisation of training in other Member States, etc.)

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the action: up to 30 months

* Eligibility
– Be public entities or private organisations or international organisations;
– Involve organisations from at least two participating countries
– Profit-oriented organisations must submit applications in partnership with public entities or private non-profit-oriented organisations;
– Be established in the Member States of the European Union except for Denmark and the United Kingdom or in Albania and Montenegro

* The actions must take place in a country participating in the programme


* Amount of the grant: at least 75,000 euro

* Co-financing rate: up to 90% of the total eligible costs

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