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Towards the achievement of the Europe 2020 strategy target for employment

In the strategic plan 2014-2020 for the DG Employment, social affairs and inclusion (EMPL), the EU tackles the question of its high unemployment rate. The target is to reach at least 75% of employment rate for people aged 20 to 64 by 2020.

The question of employment is of utmost importance because a well-functioning labor market can contribute to economic growth by fostering human capital investments and by making the economy more competitive.
Following the European Labor Force Survey, EUROSTAT published a report highlighting an increase of the employment rate in all Member States in 2018. A new peak at 73.2% has been reached and as per the same report, 13 Member States have already achieved their 2020 targets (above 75%). These statistics is representative of the European progress in the field of employment.


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