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€1.3 billion for HERA first work plan – a step towards the European Health Union

The new European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) has presented its first annual work plan with a 2022 budget of €1.3 billion to prevent, prepare for and rapidly respond to cross-border health emergencies. HERA, a key pillar of the European Health Union, aims to replace ad hoc solutions to pandemic management and respond with a permanent structure.

Following the adoption of the 2022 work plan, HERA can now start implementing its actions which include, for example:  

  • Procuring and stockpiling medical countermeasures for a series of public health threats with a budget of over €580 million
  • Releasing over €300 million to research and development of medical countermeasures and innovative technologies against emerging threats
  • Putting in place a state of the art real-time health threat detection and intelligence system
  • Ensuring the timely provision of COVID-19 vaccines to EU Member States, including variant-adapted vaccines if needed

The overall 2022-2027 HERA budget is €6 billion.

European Health Union: HERA launches first work plan with €1.3 billion for preparedness and response to health emergencies in 2022


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