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EU4Health – Health Programme – 2021-2027

Grants to improve and promote health in the Union.


5.3 billion euro


All beneficiaries

Type of financing

Grant – Co-financing

5.3 billion euro
All beneficiaries
Type de financement​
Grant – Co-financing
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The EU for Health programme (EU4Health) is the successor to the 3rd EU Health Programme. It aims to improve health in the European Union, address the COVID-19 health crisis and make health care systems resilient. EU4Health is also seeking to reduce the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, to protect people in the Union from serious cross-border threats to health as well as improving the accessibility of medicinal products and medical devices.


  • Support actions on disease prevention, health promotion and action on health determinants; support actions to tackle health inequalities; support actions on communicable and non-communicable diseases (diagnosis, treatment) and on improving mental health
  • Strengthen EU capacity for prevention, preparedness and rapid response to serious cross-border health threats in accordance with relevant EU legislation, and improve health crisis management
  • Support actions to increase the availability, accessibility and affordability of medicines and medical devices as well as products needed in a crisis
  • Support actions complementing national stockpiling of essential products in case of crisis at EU level
  • Establish a structure and training resources for a pool of medical, nursing and ancillary personnel assigned voluntarily by Member States and ready to be mobilised in a health crisis situation
  • Strengthen the use of health data, research and innovation for health care delivery, promote digital tools and services within health care systems
  • Support the development, implementation, enforcement and, where necessary, revision of EU health legislation
  • Support integrated work between Member States, work on HTA and strengthen networking through RERs and other transnational networks
  • Supporting global commitments and initiatives related to health


  • I. Crisis preparedness
  • II. Disease prevention
  • III. Health systems and healthcare workforce
  • IV. Digital
  • V. Other actions


  • Priority 1: to invest in the response to the COVID-19 crisis and reinforcing the EU’s resilience for cross-border health threats
  • Priority 2: to invest in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan
  • Priority 3: to invest in the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

Financed actions

  • Joint actions
  • Tailored workshops
  • Tranfer and implementation of best practices and research results
  • Initiative promoting healthy lifestyle
  • Training, piloting and promotion amongst the general population
  • Organisation, implementation and running of accreditation and certification activities
  • Collection of data
  • Preparatory activities
  • Coordination, management and non-clinical activites of ERN EUROGEN

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