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EDF – Development actions implemented via actual cost grants – 2023

European Defence Fund - Development actions implemented via actual cost grants aiming at supporting to collaborative development activities to setup demonstrator platforms and test candidate technologies for maintenance, joining and repair, in order to propel those technologies’ maturity and allow them to be approved and/or qualified.

714.5 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Civil Protection & Risks Culture, Media & Communication Justice, Security, Defence Research & Innovation Technology & Digital
Beneficiaries All beneficiaries

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To support to collaborative development activities to setup demonstrator platforms and test candidate technologies for maintenance, joining and repair, in order to propel those technologies’ maturity and allow them to be approved and/or qualified
  • To create an overarching information system that enables interoperability between the different existing national CBRN defence information management systems, or subsystems
  • To create a comprehensive software system that enables interoperability between the Member States and EDF associated countries (Norway) through asystem-of-systems approach including modular equipment
  • To develop an Airborne Laser Communication System (ALCoS), able to establish a very high data rate bi-directional
    communication link to satellite, providing BLOS communication capability with LPD and LPI characteristics
  • To develop a multi-purpose/multi-role T-RPAS, for the potential use by units of mainly up to divisional size
  • To take the necessary steps towards a standardised, qualified and certified DAA solution to be integrated in many different UAS
  • To improve the military capabilities in detecting, tracking, recognising and eventually identifying novel challenging targets in the battlespace
  • To establish an investigative approach on an area of autonomous deployable AI creation, with the intention to broaden artificial intelligence perspective in cyber defence in the EU
  • To develop military SSA sensors, command and control centres and Space Surveillance Network initial operational capability among the sM
  • To setup demonstrator platforms and test candidate technologies for maintenance, joining and repair
  • To study, design and demonstrate, within a 3-year timeframe, key components for a next generation military integrated modular avionics
  • To address challenges regarding precision, range, terminal effect and operation in stressful environment like GNSS-denied battlefield
  • To develop and assess, in a real environment, unmanned platforms and other new assets along with traditional platforms
  • To enable solutions that are easily deployable both on current (by retrofit) and future naval assets

Among financed actions

  • Integrating knowledge
  • Studies
  • Design
  • System prototyping
  • Testing
  • Qualification
  • Certification
  • Increasing efficiency

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals
  • Initial duration of the action: between 12 and 48 months


  • Be a legal entity (public or private body)
  • Have their executive management structure established in eligible countries
  • Must not be subject to control by a non-associated third country or nonassociated third-country entity (unless they can provide guarantees approved by the Member State or EDF associated country where they are established)
  • Total budget of the call: 714.5 million euro
  • Total budget of the topic:
    • Topic 1: EDF-2023-DA-MCBRN-FCS: Federating CBRN systems: 15 million euro
    • Topic 2: EDF-2023-DA-C4ISR-LCOM: Laser communications: 17 million euro
    • Topic 3: EDF-2023-DA-C4ISR-TRPAS: Tactical RPAS: 42 million euro
    • Topic 4: EDF-2023-DA-C4ISR-DAA: Detect and avoid: 40 million euro
    • Topic 5: EDF-2023-DA-SENS-GRID: Sensor grid: 27 million euro
    • Topic 6: EDF-2023-DA-CYBER-CSA: FullSpectrum Cyber Situational Awareness for enhanced Cyberspace Operations Support: 20 million euro
    • Topic 7: EDF-2023-DA-CYBER-DAAI: Deployable Autonomous AI Agent: 26 million euro
    • Topic 8: EDF-2023-DA-SPACE-SSA: Initial operational capacity for Space situational awareness C2 and sensors: 100 million euro
    • Topic 9: EDF-2023-DA-MATCOMP-MJRCBDIN: Technologies and processes for maintenance, joining and repair through an innovation test hub: 30 million euro
    • Topic 10: EDF-2023-DA-AIR-STFS: Smart technologies for next generation fighter systems: 30 million euro
    • Topic 11: EDF-2023-DA-AIR-SPS: Selfprotection systems: 33 million euro
    • Topic 12: EDF-2023-DA-AIRDEF-CUAS: Counter unmanned aerial systems: 43 million euro
    • Topic 13: EDF-2023-DA-GROUND-MBT: Main battle tank platform systems: 20 million euro
    • Topic 14: EDF-2023-DA-GROUND-IFS: Longrange indirect fire support capabilities for precision and high efficiency strikes: 27 million euro
    • Topic 15: EDF-2023-DA-NAVAL-MMPC: Modular and multirole patrol corvette: 154.5 million euro
    • Topic 16: EDF-2023-DA-UWW-ASW: Unmanned anti-submarine and seabed warfare: 45 million euro
    • Topic 17: EDF-2023-DA-UWW-MCMC: Future maritime mine countermeasures capability: 45 million euro
  • Amount of the grant: For all topics under this call: should not exceed the budget available for the topic
  • Co-financing rate: up to 100% of the total eligible costs

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