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EU4H – Support access to medical devices for cross border health threats – 2023

EU4Health - aims at giving a response to the current public health emergency that will make a significant contribution to the post-COVID-19 recovery aiming to improve public health in the Union, protect people from serious cross-border health threats, improve access to medical products and strenghten the national health systems through improved health date use.

19.960.000 euro

Appeal framework

Call reference EU4H-2023-PJ
Program EU4 Health Programme (EU4H)
Institution European Commission
Sectors Cooperation & Development Health Research & Innovation Technology & Digital
Beneficiaries Association & NGO EU & International Organisation Local Authority & Affiliated Entity State administration & affiliated entities

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To back up the policy priority to increase patients’ access to medical countermeasures and implements the EU4Health Programme’s general objective of improving the availability, accessibility and affordability of medicinal products and medical devices, and crisis-relevant products in the Union
  • To support consortia that provide a platform of experienced regulatory, business planning, and device development services to help forster and guide the advancement of devices that can be used in case of serious cross-border health threats
  • To create a consortium that bring together different associations, organisations and/or institutions that can support medical device advancement through all stages of development

Among financed actions

  • Fostering innovation ecosystem
  • Promoting capacity building and knowledge sharing
  • Establishing connections between individuals and/or entities where there is potential for knowledge sharing joint development, etc.)
  • Mentoring projects through the development process
  • Supporting in finding funding/investment sources, and assessing market
  • Providing business, legal (including intellectual property) and regulatory (and other necessary) support at the stage of submission for conformity assessment

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals
  • Initial duration of the action: 12 months


  • Be a legal person
  • Be a public or private entity
  • Applications may be either by a single applicant or a consortium (no minimum requirement)
  • Total budget of the call: 19,960,000 euro
  • Total budget of the topic:
    • Topic 1 (EU4H-2023-PJ-01): 1.750.000 euro
    • Topic 2 (EU4H-2023-PJ-02): 1.000.000 euro
    • Topic 3 (EU4H-2023-PJ-03): 2.360.000 euro
    • Topic 4 (EU4H-2023-PJ-04): 1.000.000 euro
    • Topic 5 (EU4H-2023-PJ-05): 1.500.000 euro
    • Topic 6 (EU4H-2023-PJ-06): 8.000.000 euro
    • Topic 7 (EU4H-2023-PJ-07): 2.000.000 euro
    • Topic 8 (EU4H-2023-PJ-08): 400.000 euro
    • Topic 9 (EU4H-2023-PJ-09): 400.000 euro
    • Topic 10 (EU4H-2023-PJ-10): 600.000 euro
    • Topic 11 (EU4H-2023-PJ-11): 500.000 euro
    • Topic 12 (EU4H-2023-PJ-12): 450.000 euro

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