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Alternatives to pesticides, how the European Union reponds?

Nowadays, the problem of pesticides is as widespread that the European Union has set up subsidies in order to fight against this problem and have a positive impact on other areas too such as the environment and human health.

The presence of pesticides in most fruits and vegetables has become a real concern.  Recent studies show that 97% of the food consumed contains a high level of pesticide residues. Among the most widespread, glyphosate or even atrazine which is still found in tap water because of groundwater pollution. The risks are multiple: health risks, impact on biodiversity, etc.

An alternative would be to accelerate the deployment of existing solutions, such as biological agriculture, mechanical methods, green fertilisers, integrated production, “permaculture”. There is also a need to find new ways for strengthening research in this area to find other manners.

The European Union seeks to cope with these challenges. This is why European Commission, through its Horizon 2020 programme, has published some calls for projects to encourage the placing on the market of products and services which respect the environment, the climate, citizen’s health etc.  Among the calls for projects: Better health and care / Economic growth and sustainable health systems / Sustainable food security / Rural renaissance, etc. In particular, the call for proposals on Food Security enables the implementation for secure food production, respectful of the environment and human health.

At the same time, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural development EAFRD, available for all European Union regions, supports biological farms and their development, the setting up of new farmers and the conversion of farms to organic too.

Let us remain confident in our ability to be mobilised in order to solve the challenges of our century. There’s an emergency.


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