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Concertation FSE+

* From July to November 2019: 1st phase – Contributions from the expectations of ESF actors
* December 2019 : Presentation of a draft version of the ESF+ National Operational Programme
* January to March 2020: 2nd phase of the consultation on the provisional version of the ESF National Operational Programme+
* April 2020 : New version taking into account the contributions of the 2nd consultation and the European Budget Agreement for the period 2021-2027
* September 2020: Sending the draft national operational programme ESF+ to the European Commission for final validation

National consultation
ESF managers and beneficiaries are invited to express their particular expectations for the period 2021-2027, on the basis of two questions:
* In your opinion, what needs have not been covered by the National Operational Programme 2014-2020, and which should be covered by the future programme?
* With regard to the 11 “specific objectives” of the ESF”, what would be the priorities to be included in the future SOP in terms of actions and target audiences?

Participate in national dialogue
All interested parties can submit their expectations until November 15, 2019 by contacting the DGEFP at the following address: concertationfseplus@emploi.gouv.fr


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