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Spotlight on the CEF

Created as part of the 2014-2020 programming, the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), endowed with a 33.2 billion euro budget, allows to prepare and implement projects of common interest in the context of the policy on trans-European networks in transport, telecommunications and energy.

The CEF’s support includes the implementation of projects of common interest to develop and build new infrastructure and new services or upgrading existing infrastructure and services in these three sectors. In transport, it gives priority to missing links. The CEF also helps to support projects with European added value and  great benefits for society, who do not receive adequate financing from the market.

In the field of transport (26.2 billion euro), the CEF contributes among others to provide support for projects of common interest to remove bottlenecks, ensure sustainable transport systems and effective in the long term and optimize the integration and interconnection and interoperability of transport modes.

In the energy sector (5.8 billion euro), the EIM focuses particularly on competitiveness, security of supply, environment and sustainable development.

In the telecommunications sector (1.1 billion euros, the CEF provides support to actions to pursue the objectives set out in the regulation on guidelines for trans-European networks in the area of telecommunications infrastructure.

Recently the importance of the CEF has been shown mainly in the field of transport as France and Italy will file officially to the European Union a request for funding  on 40% of the 8.5 billion cost of transalpine tunnel of completing the Lyon-Turin LGV, this contribution, essential to the realization project, emphasizes the central role of the CEF as both a source of funding and as project inspirer, in the development and strengthening of a modern and efficient European transport network.


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