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EIDHR – Promoting democracy and human rights – Brazil – 2020

Grants for projects which aims to provide assistance to the development and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law and of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

2.6 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Union, Worldwide

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Priorities and funded actions

* Institutional strengthening and capacity development ;
* Implementation of consultation and dialogue with local civil society organizations;
* Strengthening support for human rights and democracy defenders and activists;
* Supporting civil society in its actions to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as defenders and human rights in Brazil ;
Defense, promotion and protection of human rights, in particular of indigenous peoples (lot 1) and human rights defenders and lawyers (lot 2);

* For indigenous people:
– Fighting violence and violations that selectively affect indigenous people, hence the need to support civil society actions for their protection;
– Strengthening the capacity of indigenous peoples to guarantee and exercise their constitutional rights;
– Supporting the protection, security and territorial integrity of indigenous lands;
– Monitoring the state of implementation of policies, plans, projects and public actions on the human rights of indigenous peoples and promoting complaints of violations of their rights in national and international protection bodies;

* For human rights defenders and lawyers:
– Supporting human rights defenders and lawyers and civil society organisations working on issues related to human rights violations and infringements of fundamental freedoms;
– Strengthening the protection capacities of human rights defenders and organisations to which they are party or which act in the field of protection of human rights defenders and defenders;
– Development of strategies, procedures and instruments, qualification of protection and self-protection networks, mutual support and construction of articulated protection alternatives and self-protection of human rights defenders ;
– Monitoring the state of implementation of policies, plans, projects and public actions for human rights defenders and working with national bodies and international human rights defenders.

Among financed actions 
* For lot 1:
– Legal support for the defense and protection of indigenous rights;
– Promotion of the protection and security of indigenous lands through the use of indigenous traditional knowledge or new technologies;
– Guaranteeing the presence of indigenous peoples in the spaces of representation, dialogue and public policy-making;
– Organisational and institutional strengthening of indigenous organisations, aimed at autonomy ;
– Support for national and international strategic actions in legal-political litigation;
– Campaigns, mobilizations and linkages with other organizations for the defense of indigenous rights

* For lot 2:
– Networking, coordination and cooperation at all levels to overcome the isolation of human rights defenders;
– Organisational and institutional strengthening of human rights organisations for the formulation and strategic and collaborative management of defenders’ organisations and human rights ;
– Strengthening self-protection through the development of strategies, procedures and instruments;
– Direct assistance and support (financial, material and technical) to human rights defenders; and
– Systematization of knowledge and development of methodologies and guidance material
– Access to international human rights support mechanisms

Additional information
* This is a restricted call for proposals. In the first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the action: between 36 and 60 months

* Eligibility
– Be a legal person or an unincorporated entity or a natural person ;
– Be non-profit;
– Be a civil society organisation and have at least 4 years’ experience in the field covered by the proposal.
– There are no restrictions on the nationality of the applicant or, where applicable, the nationality of the applicant or affiliated entities. However, non-Brazilian civil society organizations are required to be associated with a Brazilian civil society organization;

* Actions must take place in Brazil


* Indicative budget per batch :
– Lot 1: 1,6 million euro
– Lot 2: 1 million euro

* Amount of the grant :
– Lot 1: between 400,000 and 800,000 euro
– Lot 2: between 800,000 and 1 million euro

* Co-financing rate: between 60 % and 95 % of total eligible costs

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