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NDICI – EU support for initiatives by civil society organisations to protect children’s rights and combat rape and paedophilia in Senegal – 2023

Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument - EU support for initiatives by civil society organisations for the protection of children's rights and the fight against rape and paedophilia in Senegal aiming at supporting initiatives by civil society organisations in Senegal aimed at contributing to the promotion of and respect for children's rights.

650.000 euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Citizenship & Human Rights Civil Protection & Risks Cooperation & Development Justice, Security, Defence
Beneficiaries Association & NGO

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Priorities and funded actions


LOT 1:

  • To support initiatives by civil society organisations in Senegal aimed at promoting and ensuring respect for children’s rights
  • To improve the quality of services and build the capacity of CSOs in terms of care, psychosocial, socio-economic and educational reintegration and monitoring of street children, children on the move and unaccompanied children, child workers and, in general, all child victims of violence and sexual abuse, in particular by setting up and strengthening child protection systems
  • Supporting activities to strengthen the knowledge and build the capacities of civil society organisations on the protection and rights of children, advocacy by CSOs, awareness-raising and communication, prevention, led by CSOs, against violations of children’s rights with the authorities, communities and the children themselves, improving detention conditions for minors in conflict with the law, respect for their rights, support and monitoring for their socio-economic and educational reintegration

LOT 2:

  • Publicise the law criminalising rape and paedophilia in Senegal and promote its effective application
  • Mobilise communities, civil society and decision-makers, each at their own level, to say no to sexual violence and lobby the authorities and players concerned to ensure that national and international texts, standards and commitments in favour of victims are respected, and monitor their effective implementation
  • Give victims of sexual violence access to holistic services (physical and mental health, psychosocial, legal and judicial support, socio-economic reintegration) through community workers


  • Priority 1 – Activities to provide direct care for street and vagrant children, exploited children who are victims of violence and sexual abuse, child workers (particularly in mining areas and exposed to dangerous work) and to prevent violence against children and forced child labour
  • Priority 2 – Activities that will contribute to improving the conditions of detention and defence of minors and women imprisoned with their children
  • Priority 3 – Activities that will contribute to the development of alternative justice measures to the imprisonment of minors and the implementation of socio-economic reintegration activities
  • Priority 4 – Activities to prevent and provide direct care for victims of violence against women and children
  • Priority 5 – Activities that will be designed, carried out and implemented using an integrated approach (prevention, protection, integration/rehabilitation) and taking into account the specific needs of vulnerable categories of children and victims of sexual violence
  • Priority 6 – Activities that will be designed to create synergies between the actors concerned: civil society organisations, state social and regalian services (police, gendarmerie, justice, etc.), parliamentarians, local elected representatives, religious/customary leaders, neighbourhood chiefs, socio-cultural associations, academics, etc., for better protection of children’s rights and effective application of the law criminalising rape and paedophilia
  • Priority 7 – Activities that will help to increase people’s knowledge of the rights of minors in conflict with the law and access to justice, as well as the consequences of sexual violence

Among the financed actions

LOT 1:

  • Support to strengthen the technical and organisational capacities of CSOs in the area of care and social/community reintegration of children
  • Advocacy, training, awareness-raising and communication on children’s rights and protection through TV spots, talks, theatre, etc
  • Support for the long-term reintegration of children, in particular through local support
  • Searching for and re-establishing family ties, reintegration into the family/community or seeking alternative placements that take into account the best interests of the child

LOT 2:

  • Support for setting up, rehabilitating and developing listening centres and reception centres for victims
  • Support for the long-term reintegration of victims (literacy, formal education, vocational training, counselling)
  • Improving the knowledge and skills of CSOs in the areas of prevention, monitoring and early warning for the care of victims of sexual violence
  • Legal assistance for victims/families of victims at the various stages of the care process (reporting the abuse to the police, lodging complaints, legal proceedings, etc.)
  • Support for medical assistance to victims (care and preparation of evidence in particular)

Additional information

  • This is a restricted call for proposals. In first instance, only short notes should be submitted for evaluation.
  • Initial duration of the action: between 24 and 36 months


  • Be a legal entity
  • Be non-profit-making
  • Belong to one of the following categories of organisation: CSO (civil society organisation); association, non-governmental organisation as defined in Article 156 of the EU Financial Regulation
  • Have been registered with the relevant Senegalese authorities for at least 2 years at the time of publication of this call for proposals
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant(s) and the affiliated entity/entities and not act as an intermediary
  • Total budget of the call: 650,000 euro
  • Total budget of lots :
    • LOT 1: 350,000 euro
    • LOT 2: 300,000 euro
  • Amount of the grant :
    • LOT 1: Between 300,000 and 350,000 euro
    • LOT 2: Between 250,000 and 300,000 euro
  • Cofinancing rate :
    • Where all members of the partnership (lead applicant, co-applicants and affiliated entities) are local organisations: Between 90% and 95% of total eligible costs
    • In all other cases: between 70% and 80% of total eligible costs

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