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Grants to ensure continuity of investment in EU space activities, to encourage scientific and technical progress and to support the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the European space industry.


14,9 billion euro


All beneficiaries

Type of financing

Grant – Co-financing

14,9 billion euro
All beneficiaries
Type de financement​
Grant – Co-financing
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The space programme aims to finance the European Union’s space policy. It involves bringing together existing infrastructures and services and introducing new features, such as: safeguarding the continuity and evolution of Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus; developing new security components (SSA and GOVSATCOM) to enable national authorities to access secure satellite communications and monitor space risks; promoting a strong and innovative space industry. On the new budgetary programming, the space programme aims to maintain the EU’s autonomous access to space and to unify and simplify the system of governance, for example by introducing a single regulation to allow simplified modes of cooperation between all actors.


  • Provide or contribute to providing high-quality, up-to-date and, where appropriate, secure, space-related data, information and services of uninterrupted and, as far as possible, global relevance, responding to current and future needs and capable of meeting the Union’s political priorities, including climate change and security and defence
  • Maximising socio-economic benefits, in particular by promoting the widest possible use of the data, information and services provided by the programme components
  • Strengthening the security of the Union and its Member States, as well as its freedom of action and strategic autonomy, including in terms of technology and evidence-based decision-making
  • Promote the Union’s role on the international scene as a leading player in the space sector and strengthen its role in addressing global challenges and supporting global initiatives, in particular with regard to climate change and sustainable development

Financed actions

  • Innovation activities aimed at making the best use of space technologies, infrastructures or services
  • The establishment of space innovation partnerships to develop innovative products or services and for the subsequent procurement of the resulting supplies or services
  • Entrepreneurship, from the initial stage to scaling up, in accordance with Article 21 and the other provisions on access to finance referred to in Article 18 and Chapter I of Title III
  • Cooperation between businesses in the form of space platforms bringing together, at regional and national level, space and digital actors and users, and providing support to citizens and businesses in order to foster entrepreneurship and skills
  • The provision of education and training activities
  • Access to processing and testing facilities
  • Certification and standardisation activities

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