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Agreement reached to tighten energy performance rules for buildings

The directive on the energy performance of buildings has been revised. This revision provides that all new buildings will emit no emissions by 2030. It also plans to transform existing buildings into zero-emission buildings by 2050.

Several measures have been taken:

  • For new buildings: zero emissions from 2030, 2028 for those belonging to public bodies.
  • For existing buildings: introduction of a minimum energy performance standard.
  • For non-residential buildings: Member States set maximum thresholds for energy performance based on primary energy consumption.
  • Residential buildings: Member States set minimum energy performance standards on the basis of a national trajectory.

One of the requirements of the agreement is that of optimising the solar energy production potential for new buildings.

Once this agreement has been approved by the Council, the latter can start negotiations with the Parliament. These negotiations will lead to a political agreement which will result in the final text adopted by the Council and Parliament in the same terms.



Source: “Ajustement à l’objectif 55″ : le Conseil approuve des règles plus strictes en matière de performance énergétique des bâtiments”


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